Media Transcription

If you are a part of any section of the media including web, cinema, television, drama, and radio, you are likely looking at garnering wider audience to demand better ad rates and ENHANCE YOUR SALES REVENUES. We, at MOPL, partner with you in reaching that goal. How ?
If you are producing any sort of media, our transcription services allow you to convert the spoken portion of your program into text. Today, captioning is increasingly popular among not only the hearing impaired, but also among those who watch your programs in different languages and view your programs in noisy areas, like eating joints and airports. Non-native English speakers also rely on transcripts/sub-titling to better follow conversation and hone language skills. Therefore, partnering MOPL for all your transcription needs allows you to reach a WIDER AUDIENCE.
You can do this transcription yourself or get someone else to do it. The accuracy and timely availability of such transcriptions is of utmost importance as they assist you in achieving your business growth and sustainability goals. This is not always possible in your office setting because of non-availability of accurate, fast and dedicated transcription staff, and this in-house exercise sometimes ends up being a costly and time-consuming affair untowardly affecting your business growth and sustainability goals.

With over 10 years of experience in the transcription industry, MOPL can be your trusted partner to meet your transcription demands in a timely manner. MOPL provides cost-effective and quality-oriented media transcription solutions to corporate houses of all sizes throughout the world.

With our policies and work ethics centrally focused on your satisfaction and accuracy of reports, our transcription solution provides quality transcription services exceeding your expectations. We focus on delivering unsurpassed quality, financial advantages, and user-friendly technology to you to help you optimize your revenues.

Customized Solutions

Since we understand that every office has unique needs and requirements, we provide customized solutions devised after thoroughly exploring your needs.
Our transcription services solution eliminates redundancies and unleashes efficiencies and savings that we pass along to our customers.

What All Can You Transcribe?

With its huge experience in transcription, MOPL has the capacity to meet any of your media transcription needs including but not limited to:

  • Analyst Calls
  • Audio-Taped Events
  • Commercial Films
  • Conferences
  • Documentary Films
  • Entertainment Programs
  • Feature Stories
  • Infomercials
  • Interviews
  • News Bulletins
  • News Programs
  • Pod Casts
  • Special Reports
  • Speeches
  • Talk Shows
  • Television Broadcasts
  • Travel Shows
  • Video-Taped Events
  • Web Casts

Benefits of Outsourcing to MOPL

  • Access to a talented pool of professionals.
  • Cost Efficient.
  • Guaranteed 98.5% plus accuracy.
  • Guaranteed next-day turn-around time.
  • Capability to transcribe STAT jobs.
  • No major IT restructuring, training, or investment required.
  • No set up fees required.
  • Customized solutions.
  • Customized templates and normals.

In-house transcription vs. outsourced transcription
In-house transcription costs refer to total expenses, including both direct and indirect costs.

  • Salaries, benefits, taxes (federal, FICA, unemployment, etc.), and workers' compensation insurance.
  • Ongoing training.
  • Management and administrative costs.
  • Human resources for recruiting and handling turnover.
  • Office space, utilities.
  • Equipment and software, including acquisition, upgrades, depreciation, and maintenance.
  • Technical support.

Some of these are typically overlooked when calculating the true cost of in-house transcriptionists. Comparing to these true costs generally makes a strong case for outsourcing medical transcription with cost savings typically estimated to be in the 20-40% range. Click here to see more benefits of outsourcing to MOPL.

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Value-Added Transcription Services

Our customized transcription services are built to suit your needs and enable you to stay focused on your core, mission critical functions, while we take care of your end-to-end transcription requirements. Since we work with you closely and identify your needs on priority and understand that you might have various related needs other than normal transcription, we provide a host of value-added services including but not limited to the following:

  • Customization of Templates & Normals.
  • Designing of layouts for various documents.
  • Summarization of lengthy transcripts to help you understand the whole transcript in short.
  • Indexing of transcripts.
  • Faxing/e-mailing reports to people desired
  • Editing of old transcripts.
  • Enhancing the language and grammar of transcripts.
  • Creating downloadable PDFs.
  • Uploading transcribed documents on websites or FTP sites in the desired format(s).
  • Creating timestamps for easy referrals.

Have anything more to be done!!!! Feel free to Contact Us to see how best we can fulfill your requirements.

Data Security/Privacy

MOPL has developed its infrastructure, hardware and software architecture with security as a primary requirement. Redundancy has been engineered across all systems and products to ensure 100% uptime. MOPL's backup methodology includes daily full backups of all ASP servers. Our complete security systems and routines have been reviewed and engineered by industry consultants as well as MOPL staff. Security systems and procedures involve many areas including:

  • Anti-virus implemented at both server and client level.
  • Disaster prevention and recovery.
  • Mandatory non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement with our employees.
  • Network security and firewalls.
  • Password protected systems and e-mails.
  • Physical security to computer rooms and its contents.
  • Restricted entry to authorized electronic card holders only.
  • Server security and administrator rights.
  • Web Security, encryption and access limitations.
  • Workstations do not have external storage devices like floppy/CD drives/USB ports, etc.

MOPL Team (Our Most Valuable Asset)

At MOPL, our most valuable possession is our Team. It consists of world-class professionals who have an outstanding range of talents and are always geared up to provide you with top quality.
MOPL's operational team consists of highly experienced and credentialed members ranging from certified professional coders and certified transcriptionists.
MOPL's senior management constitutes a team of finance, technical, medical, legal, and six-sigma professionals from Industry, Banking & Financial Services and IT-Enabled Services having substantial exposure and expertise in their respective fields.


Transcription services can be charged on the following basis:

  1. Per line basis.
  2. Per minute basis.
  3. Per report basis.

MOPL's transcription services are priced highly competitively. Our transcription solution eliminates redundancies and unleashes efficiencies and savings that we pass along to our customers. Outsourcing your medical transcription needs to us would translate into cost savings typically estimated to be in the 20-40% range. Since our solutions are customized as per your requirements, we would be able to give you the best quote after analyzing your requirements. Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss this.