Bibliographic Coding

It is basically preparing a logical database for the records and documents by capturing relevant data from the documents; such as creation date, author, recipient, copies, document title, and document characteristics. These fields can be customized according to the needs of the client. They can be increased or decreased and made more informative about the data on which the coding is being done.

Quality in the field of coding is crucial and of utmost importance because any wrong entries can be misleading. To give our clients the best quality in the industry to their satisfaction we have thorough two level checks with very skilled and experienced team in the field of coding, which we consider as an asset to us. Our team is fully capable of meeting all the quality standards and the times constraints (Turnaround Time) laid down by our clients to meet all the deadlines and save both time and money for our clients.

Security of the data provided to us is our priority and we use all the state-of-art infrastructure to meet to all the best standards of the industry in security and confidentiality, with highly specialized softwares and hardware units installed and access to only authorized personnel on the work floor. The information of a project is also not shared amongst the teams working on different projects.

We strive to provide our clients with best value for their money. With our unmatchable quality, turnaround time, and security standards we still have very competitive pricing on the standards of the industry. The remuneration in the bibliographic coding field is based on the number of forms filled.

Process Chart:

1. We get the data on a weekly or on the project deadline basis from the clients.

2. Then the coders capture the relevant data from the documents and fill it in the forms.

3. Then the filled forms undergo checks for logical reasoning to assure correct data is captured by the quality assurance team.

4. Then the data is checked for other errors through specialized softwares.

5. Then finally when we are assured about the quality of the data it is delivered to the client.

Benefits/Value Addition:

1. We strive to prepare a database or an overview for you, so that but just a look at it can provide you with the best idea about the details of the corresponding document.

2. We render you tools so that you can just select the document you need to work on in a click from anywhere in the world.

3. We strive to provide you with best quality (i.e. 99.5% or above) and fast turnaround time.

4. We have competitive cost for our services to help our clients and us gain with mutual efforts.

5. We reduce your infrastructure cost and liabilities.

6. We are up on our toes for our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

Fee Structure: Remuneration for the bibliographic coding services is on the basis of the number of forms entered.

Infrastructure Support: We are aware of the latest technologies to increase the efficiency of our team and reduce the cost and time for our client. We always keep on upgrading to the latest technology available. We have state of the art infrastructure, latest severe and computer systems. We have all the latest anti-virus, firewalls, and all the latest softwares required for this process.